Carl J. Kieck: Independent Social & Educational Researcher


Welcome to my website!

I’m a senior educator who, since the early 1990s, has worked in various capacities in the field of education.

My work has, firstly, been based in the context of formal, institutional education, and, secondly, over a number of years, increasingly in independent, enterprise-related consultative roles.

The remainder of this section outlines the highlights of my research interests and experience in formal and independent educational environments.

This is intended to serve as a guiding background to offered educational research, counselling and consultative services.


Formal Educational Interests:


In a formal educational capacity, I have worked as an academic tutor, researcher, administrator, lecturer, as well as secondary and primary school teacher.

In these diverse roles, I have undertaken, contributed to, and been responsible for various projects and other assignments, including the following:

·      Programme/Departmental Research Coordinator;

·      Departmental Research Seminar Chair;

·      Curricular & Accreditation Steering Committee Member;

·      Programme & Faculty Examination Committee Member;

·      Institutional Researcher, specifically in the area of Higher Education Human Resource(s) Capacity &

Development Analysis;

·      Academic Accreditation Researcher & Consultant;

·      Curriculum Designer & Researcher; and,

·      Formal Institutional Report Writer, etc. etc. etc.


Over and above those experiential areas outlined above, what I offer as independent researcher and consultant, is an extensive background in areas like academic coordination; curriculum/course design; and academic policy research - once again for a wide spectrum of levels, institutional types and national/international curricula.


At Primary and Secondary school levels, these curricular experiential areas include the following:


·      The Transitional Post-Apartheid National Curriculum for South Africa (1994-);

·      The later replacement, ‘Outcomes-based’ Curriculum (2000-), for South Africa;

·      The current, federal United States ‘Common Core’ Curriculum (2010-); and;

·      The current ‘National Curriculum’ for England, 2013/2014- .

·      The current ‘CAPS’ (Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements) (Curriculum (2012-), for South Africa.


In a Higher Education environment, with a background in Philosophy, Politics, Law, Languages, Literatures and Education Studies, I specialise in five broad areas:


·      (A) Language Learning and Teaching, as well as selected areas of Linguistics, for the following:

·      (i) English as a First Language (EFL1);

·      (ii) English as a Second Language (ESL) and

·      (iii) English as a Foreign Language (EFL3);

·      (B) Literary and Socio-Cultural Studies; and

·      (C) Interdisciplinary Studies, as well as

·      (D) Academic Foundation/Bridging/Literacy/Communication Studies and

·      (E) Business Communication Studies, as well as

·      (F) Research, Research Design and Research Methodology.


Please see the section titled “Important Notice Regarding Availability of Services.