Carl J. Kieck: Social Media Presence


·      Policy & Engagement:


On social media platforms, whenever someone, or an organisation or any other entity is ‘followed’, ‘liked’, or a story or view ‘reposted’, this is not in any way necessarily an endorsement.


Instead, in most cases, this may done in the spirit of a conception of education that values principles like free speech and free communicative exchanges, i.e. promoting debate or dialogue.


As experienced social media practitioners, we are convinced, especially with the coming about of radical free speech platform opportunities like GAB (accessible via, that the ordinary interpersonal mores of Western culture provide a more than sufficient framework for ethical engagement or communication amongst all people of good will.


·      CarlKieck.Com:


CarlKieck.Com is the preferred means through which the independent social and educational researcher, Carl J. Kieck, releases information, from time to time, and makes public commissioned reviews/articles, or publicises views/opinions, or interacts with clients or the public for professional purposes.


Priority attention will be given to prospective clients via this platform. Alternatively, CarlKieckPro.Com, a technical ‘backup’ and testing website, is used in the same capacity.



·      GAB ( aka “Free Speech for Everyone”:


At the moment, the only social media handle styled “@CarlKieck” that is officially associated with Carl J. Kieck - the independent social and educational researcher - and is thereby endorsed, is the one hosted on or GAB, a new, radical free speech social media platform.


Since we receive an overwhelming number of communications, as well as requests, from contacts to engage via social media, and are not always able to do so or even respond owing to time constraints, we prefer to engage via GAB as far as informal engagements are concerned. We would therefore like to invite everyone to join us there, in an atmosphere where the free exchange of ideas is encouraged like nowhere else in the ‘Infosphere’, to the best of our knowledge.


·      @CarlKieckCC:


The above mentioned Twitter account, although still popular and a basis for many requests and inquiries, specifically for Common Core-related information, was part of a closely prescribed research project some years ago. This account is no longer actively updated, however, all Tweets may be obtained for research purposes in either Word or PDF format, completely free of charge. Please use the standard contact form on the website in order to do so.


·      Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, etc.:


In spite of the many requests we receive, we regrettably at this time do not have opportunity or capacity to engage with clients or the public via the social media services or platforms listed here, or alternatives/equivalents to these. Moreover, we do not have any active accounts/pages on these platforms, and have never had in the past. In other words, we can’t be reached in that manner.


Form (a) formal, business-related communications, please use the Contact Form on the website, and for (b) informal engagements, visit us, or engage, via @CarlKieck on, i.e. “GAB”.


·      Quora & Wordpress:


At certain points in the past, owing to time constraints, we found it convenient to release certain requested reviews of books or films on commonly available media platforms for ‘blogging’, like “Quora” and “Wordpress”.


Although it is conceivable that these services may again in the future be utilised, the official website (or online source) for the independent social researcher Carl J. Kieck is that of CarlKieck.Com (alternatively, the technical backup site CarlKieckPro.Com), as a vehicle for professional communications or publications.


·      DailyMotion, Vimeo, etc.:


As may be obvious, in terms of what we have stated elsewhere, we receive a great many requests for assistance with research, and produce well-informed, thoroughly researched opinions for clients, continuously.


Therefore, in addition to conducting countless routine research inquiries, every year, and assisting clients, we may use ‘open (re-) source’ video collections on video-media platforms, created online, as part of such undertakings, purposely designed to facilitate the harvesting of sources or information for analysis.


These resources are all in the public domain on the open Web.  They are commonly accessible research resources, scattered across the Web, and are therefore freely available for continuing research, enjoyment, and/or educational pursuits for all and sundry. We do not have time or capacity to respond to all messages regarding these video resources, but we take note of these, index important points where possible, and (re-)consider all questions, comments, suggestions, additional information, etc., on an ongoing basis. Thank you for this!


Please see section titled “Availability” re. an ‘Important Notice Regarding Availability of Services’, 2017-