Professional Research and Consultative Services in Education:


Our ‘Independent Educational Research Services’ are primarily focused on the following areas of expertise (although by no means exclusively so, as we offer extensive cognizance of most areas in the field):


* The Curriculum: Theory; Development; Implementation; Policy, etc.

* Educational Psychology;

* Learning and Teaching Processes;

* The History of Education: Nationally, Internationally & Comparatively;

* ‘International’ Education;

* The Role of ‘Globalisation’, or ‘globalising forces’, in all areas within    

    Education, and the resultant impact of this at all organisational


* The History of Psychology;

* International, Comparative Curricular Studies, including;

* The New South African Curriculum, or “CAPS”;

* The United States, Federal “Common Core” Curriculum;

* The New National Curriculum for England;

* Educational Economics;

* Private Education & Private Educational Institutions;

* Religious Education & Religious Educational Institutions;

* Evaluation(s) and Assessment(s) in Education;

* Educational Administration & Management;

* Online Education;

* Education Policy, etc. etc. etc.

As well as,

* ANY agreed upon topic of a specific, circumscribed and limited scope in the field of Education, or related areas, to be determined through consultation between client and researcher.


Additionally, please refer to the following two sections:

·      Important Notice Regarding Availability of Services: “Availability

·      Short Secondary Research Assignments of Limited Scope: “Service Alternatives